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Irina and iMacs
Irina and iMacs

//Toronto Photobloggers at the Apple Store pt 2. Nikon 8800.

I arrived at the Apple Store (on time!) yesterday to find the place was already packed. This is the second gathering/workshop of Toronto Photobloggers and it seems the event is growing more and more popular. Irina was the first speaker of the evening (with a PC in tow - right on! lol), sharing thoughts on her work and website, The rest of the evening was spent meeting new folks and putting faces on people I've known online for a while.

Afterwards, between meeting Rannie's sister, getting oggled by Yorkdale caretakers, and trading low-light focus frustrations with Sam, Steph and I took a few shots in the dimly lit mall. I'll post one of those tomorrow if nothing spectacular emerges on a work-at-home monday.

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