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missing white headphones.
missing white headphones.

//Stephanie at Yorkdale after hours. Nikon 8800.

After the Toronto Photobloggers event at the Apple Store, Steph and I did a little shooting in the dim mall. This was taken up against a lit kiosk. Looking at it later, I realized it was a decent mock Apple ad, coincidentally. Almost tempted to add those pesky white headphones... but wouldn't dare. ;)

She also took a portrait of me, up on her site.

Not sure what will be on the slate for today. I'm mostly working on things at home again, but also helping my parents deal with my brother who was in the hospital yesterday. That big pile up on the Gardiner? That would be my bro. Some serious bad luck on his end lately.

2006-02-28 // Categories: [Portraits]  [Toronto]  

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