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giving lip.
giving lip.

//Yasmine, at yesterday's photo shoot. Nikon 8800.

Yesterday was the big photo shoot for my AIDS Conference project. Yasmine was the first subject (bright and EARLY), as she postponed work to sit under some serious hair n makeup and be transformed into a pageant queen. After we'd finished I took this shot of her in her regular clothes... the hair was still in a wild up-do. Thanks Yas!

Today, as I can't return the light kit 'til Monday (and one must make use of such things) I head back over to the makeshift studio (which has now moved a building over) and am going to do some freestyle photography with friends. There has been one request to do gothic portraits, but other than that, we'll just be shooting whatever/however we are inspired to.

2006-03-05 // Categories: [Portraits]  [Toronto]  

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