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a roofless view.
a roofless view.

//View of Toronto from a sunroof. Nikon 8800.

In the past few years of renting cheap compact cars or borrowing family vans/mazdas, I've always wished we could have a sunroof to shoot through... what a different perspective on the city you could shoot. Well, finally I got my chance.

Steph's family recently bought a mid-size 4x4 with an unnaturally large sunroof (it's huge.). Today, even though I I'd already lost my voice, was getting chills and growing feverish, I was in the car and just HAD to open the roof (it was nice out!) The rest of the ride I shot photos of the city - skyward. This was one of the first. I'll hopefully upload some more to Flickr at some point today/tomorrow. Next time we have the car, a winding trip through the downtown core is a must.

Next stop with the skyward views... Manhattan... oh man.

In completely unrelated news. I've been reading through dozens of blogs that are taking part in the Blank Noise Project. If you've ever thought you had it rough, as a woman, walking down the city streets (of course), it all seems bearable compared to what these Indian women have faced.

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