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//fog over San Francisco. Nikon 8800.

Yes, it's foggy and rainy in Toronto these days, but this photo is not local. Taken back in December in San Fran, I thought it was kind of fitting for this week... annnnd, it also works 'cause I didn't shoot anything again yesterday as I was still sick at home. Good news though, fever broke, and I'm feeling better already. Today I'm supposed to be on set to shoot production stills for a TV program, so if I can manage that, there might even be something new to post tomorrow. I should probably eat something though, if I expect to be able to hold my clunky camera...

2006-03-15 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Scenic]  [The Streets]  

Evalyn Parry.rowan in the sun.fogscape.poster of a girl.public broadcasting space.