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rowan in the sun.
rowan in the sun.

//inside the front door of a house we shot in today. Nikon 8800.

First day recovered also the first day back on the set of a show i'm working on. Kept a thermosfull of green tea along with me and managed to survive the day pretty well. During some down time I sat on a first floor sofa, watching the sun pour through the windows and front door as the afternoon grew old. Every minute, the light was getting more intense but still no one standing still in just the right spot. Then Rowan stopped for a moment to look out the door. Done.

NEWS: Came across modfab last night. The blog has got a weekly vote relating to photoblog images. This week, a list of great portraits are up for public vote... their looking for your favourite. Guess who got a nod for Ray, Transported? ;)

2006-03-16 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Portraits]  [Toronto]  [TV-Film Stills]  

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