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flash test victim.
flash test victim.

//Stephanie, in my home office. Nikon 8800.

This past week, I was a little aggravated by my off-camera flash and its suddenly sloooowwww recycling time. Seemed like it needed absolute ages before it mustered up the strength to flash. As such, I wanted to experiment a bit with batteries and settings at home. Stephanie, annoyed with the strobe light show happening behind her, turned around to watch the preceeding. Naturally, she then became subject. The dim lighting effect here was the result of a 1/1500 shutter speed, which would usually be a sports setting... so, in this case, it certainly caught her lack of movement quite sharply.

2006-03-19 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Noir]  [Portraits]  [Toronto]  

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