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death by guacamole.
death by guacamole.

//booths at Sneaky Dee's on College + Bathurst St. Nikon 8800.

Does this one even need an explanation? I had some ghoulish company over pots of guacamole.

Annnnd, in less deathly topics, today is my BLOGIVERSARY! A year ago today, I woke up, learned my way around pixelpost, designed the blog, and posted my first shot... and i'm very glad I did.

Other blog-related news: Was supposed to head to the Masonic Temple tonight after work to be interviewed on 'MTV Live!' with Tim... talking about blogTO, blogging, etc, etc. Then after a pageful of e-mails with folks there, it all sort of fell through. I'll admit I'm mildly relieved though... I have a pretty big curly 'fro this week.

2006-03-30 // Categories: [Bizarre]  [Toronto]  

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