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flaming unicorn skeleton
flaming unicorn skeleton

//Joel, founder of Flaming Unicorn Skeleton design co in Toronto. Nikon 5000.

Middle of the night and I'm sorting through assignment photos from when I used to shoot for a Ryerson paper in '05. It was a paid gig and sometimes quite the interesting adventure.

Been trying to find some part-time assignment photo positions again these days, but too many of the editors I've spoken with are more concerned with camera quality than photo quality... and if asked to pull out my camera instead of my photos, I'm busted. Can't get a break unless I have a hardcore dSLR which I can't afford right now. Funny thing is, when I used to shoot with the old 5000 (as in this case), I got a some great portraits because I found people were a lot less intimidated by the casual prescence of a smaller camera.

2006-04-06 // Categories: [Portraits]  [Toronto]  

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