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The Wet Spots.
The Wet Spots.

//The Wet Spots, performing at Genderfukt. Nikon 8800.

Rough night shooting this month's Genderfukt drag + burlesque show. It's one of my favourite events to photograph, and it's usually challenging when it comes to lighting, but this was a whole new twist. The new location, Hacienda, though it showed a lot of promise, proved to be a photographer's nightmare in terms of light. Dim as anything, thickly gel'ed (we're talkin green, magenta, blue, red) and randomly blinking to top it off.

Alright, so you'll be shooting with flash... but wait, the camera can't see anything long enough to find its focus, manual focus proves useless 'cause you can't actually see, and if you set things to just go landscape/wideangle, it refuses to fire the flash in the first place. WOO.

The only breaks in my desperation were the couple times I was pushed or knocked while setting things and ended up flashing myself by accident (it's a big corded handheld flash)... leaving Steph and I bursting into laughter while I tried to rub the squares out of my eyes.

More images to come - on Flickr.

2006-04-08 // Categories: [Events]  [Portraits]  [Toronto]  

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