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regina spektor.
regina spektor.

//Regina Spektor performing at the Mod Club in Toronto. Sony DSC-V3.

Started my week off well with this great show last night... and despite having teenagers-with-fake-ID drop their beer all over me and continuously push(I picked a great spot, let me tell ya.), I managed a few steady hand moments with Steph's camera. Didn't bring mine because I heard SLR's weren't permitted, and yes, while my cam is not an SLR, it's big enough to look like one, so I wasn't about to engage is lens debate with security. Steph's can go totally manual anyhow. Mind you, they never ended up checking.

More up on Flickr + a couple vid clips on YouTube.

2006-04-25 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Events]  [Portraits]  [Toronto]  

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