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world's tallest free-standing balcony ornament.
world's tallest free-standing balcony ornament.

//seen in the Annex. Nikon 8800

It's 6am and who can sleep? Soon, maybe soon.
So then, what a sight... This house in the Annex has a home-made replica CN Tower and jumbo jet proudly displayed on their front balcony. Looking at it again, I'm wondering if it lights up at night...

FYI - I should be at the CONTACT Opening Festivities tonight if anyone is going... that is if I don't pass out and sleep til Saturday.
news: The annual Photobloggies are accepting nominees... and I'd be honoured. ;) Categories are up to you.

2006-04-28 // Categories: [Bizarre]  [The Streets]  [Toronto]  

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