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fork in the road.
fork in the road.

//cardboard model bus sitting in a bus shelter. Nikon 8800.

Attended the Spacing issue 6 launch party (this time as a contributer) and shared some good laughs (and Stella) with Rannie, Sam, Steph & Georgia. Even did a camera swap with Sam which now has me convinced, more than ever, that it's time for some better equip. (Looking for sponsors...heh (really))

Afterwards, walking East, Steph was holding this cardboard model bus she'd picked up over the evening which now had my nametag and Rannie's stuck to it. Instead of trashing it, she popped into this Queen St bus shelter and set it on the bench. When I turned around to see her, I noticed that the advert in the shelter was surreally perfect for what had just happened. Crouching down to get a better angle and catch the reflections on the side panels, I snapped this shot.

Will post more photos on Flickr. Also check out Rannie's post today for more laughs.

In other news: 4 days left to submit your Photobloggies nominations...

2006-05-03 // Categories: [Objects]  [Toronto]  

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