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steely shades and stairs.
steely shades and stairs.

//Peter on MJ's staircase.. this week's set. (Nikon 8800)

Spent some serious overtime on set this week as the shoot was in Newmarket and I had to wait hours for a ride back into the city. Used the time to take some more creative shots.

Also feeling sick the whole while, the one cheery thought was the fact that my new camera was set to arrive any day. But alas, it is now Saturday of a long weekend and Canada Post has failed me. My camera made the trip from Canada's West Coast all the way to Ontario in TWO days but has now sat in a Mississauga "sorting facility" for a week -- right past the "scheduled arrival". Such a huge let-down.

2006-05-20 // Categories: [Portraits]  [Toronto]  [TV-Film Stills]  

The Revue'crossed.steely shades and stairs.west side lofts.the bus terminal.