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community approaching.
community approaching.

//Corner of Davenport and Lansdowne. (Holga 120GN)

Sick with a fever tonight, so I'm digging into the recent archives for a post. This is off the latest roll of Holga images. Unless it's just my eyes tonight, there is a ghostly blur/double-exp going on in the homes behind the Foundry.

Update on the new cam (heh): The great gal sending it to me put in a call to CanPost yesterday and while they tried to give her the runaround she pointed out the lateness and importance/value of the package. Was told it would be delivered and management would call her, but no one did. If we don't see it today, they'll be hearing back. Action!

2006-05-26 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Toronto]  [Vintage Film]  

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