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it's a canada post sky
it's a canada post sky

//Canada Post station on Dufferin St. (Lomo LC-A)

You wouldn't believe this if you saw it. No, the sky wasnt' red...
I was going post this Lomo 35mm shot to relate to my current bout with CP (as it seems they might have lost the 30D (insert tearing out of my hair here)) and before I did, I decided to desaturate the blue sky a little as it was a little strong. I left the computer for a second with the saturation menu open. Next thing I know, the phone rings, vibrating it knocks a camera battery off my shelf, which lands on the keyboard, which somehow shifts the blue hues i'd selected to RED. And so it is, be it a sign, I'm leaving it red -- with minor tweaking... frankly, 'cause it reflects more of my emotion now.

2006-06-03 // Categories: [Scenic]  [Toronto]  

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