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the davisville rush.
the davisville rush.

//looking across the platforms at Davisville Station. (Nikon 8800)

Went uptown to pick up some prints for an upcoming exhibit (the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition -- more on that soon) and on my way back down, strolled into Davisville Stn to see if there was any sight of the new trains (now on display there). It was past the 3pm cutoff, so no luck, but did snap a few shots anyhow. These yellow fences run along between the tracks. I've never seen them anywhere else. I assume they come down once service shuts down so that trolls who live in the valley can cross over the tracks without electrocution.. but of course, that's probably not it at all.

UPDATE on the new camera -- after weeks of struggling with Canada Post it appears there MAY be light at the end of the lens barrel. Lots of folks tried to help but it always came down to one dreaded term: "mis-sort" That is what the package was... mis-sorted. So, apparently, that means it should have been returned to sender. Still nothing had been logged though. Then today, my sender got a note on her door about a package waiting at the post office. If it's the camera, then all hope is not lost. She will Purolator it back and peace of mind will return to my body. Should I be jealous then that my camera will have crossed our great nation 3 times and me never?

2006-06-07 // Category: [Toronto]  

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