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circa's first flip-through.
circa's first flip-through.

//Circa v 1.0. (Nikon 8800, 8-sec exposure)

Met with Georgia at the Green Room a few hours ago and, amidst talk of collaborative projects, showed her the first draft/prototype of my book, Circa.

A couple months ago I mentioned here that I was burning photographs for a certain part of the book... thankfully, there is no more burning happening... well, aside from the 'burning' desire to get it finished!

No longer is it a quiet collection either. I've given it a metafictional twist, so there is a some copy to debate before finishing. This week I add some more images, run it by a few more people and then hopefully, by the end of the month, it'll be off to the publisher -- which is probably (unless anyone has other suggestions!).

Once all that is done, I'm likely going to launch it officially at a future photo exhibit of which I have 2 outdoor and one indoor coming up this year! More on those in the weeks to come.

New cam update: Turns out the camera was not returned to sender. It is still missing in Canada Post land. Much meditation, prayer and electric guitar playing has been keeping me from completely losing my mind over this.

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