lights offlights on
red vines.
red vines.

//bushes in the Toronto Music Garden along Queens Quay. (Nikon 8800)

So you're running 'round the parking lot
til every lightning bug is caught
punching some pinholes in the lid of a jar
while we wait in the car
With cigarettes and red vines
just close your eyes,
cause baby you never do know
and I'll be on the sidelines,
with my hands tied,
watching the show. - Aimee Mann, Red Vines

Saturday afternoon, a couple friends and I went for breakfast and then down to Sunnyside Park. By mid afternoon, the inclination to 'just walk' had taken us all the way across town to the Music Garden at the foot of Spadina. That's where this shot was taken.

2006-06-11 // Categories: [Nature]  [Toronto]  

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