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demo cam.
demo cam.

//Colin, shooting. (Nikon 8800)

Today's work involved the 'demolition' of a closet space. The depth here is partly my set shallow depth of field (f2.8) annd partly the motion blur of the guys at work contrasted by Colin's steady shot.

Camera sorta-update: For those who were wondering about the camera saga... still no word from CP on the claim but it is in progress. Getting someone to take responsibility and get me my money back isn't so easy as it might seem. The blow to the pocketbook has been ferocious, particularly as i'm spending my very last dime re-buying it now. I'll have the reincarnate by next week.
T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U to those who've bought even the smallest prints or sent a buck or two in support. I really appreciate your kindness and support.. I can hardly express just how incredible the feeling is. <3

2006-06-22 // Categories: [Portraits]  [Toronto]  [TV-Film Stills]  

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