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room for four.
room for four.

//writer, working away at Tequila Bookworm cafe on Queen St. (Nikon 5000)

Back to a type of photo that is quintessentially DoubleCrossed style.

This was taken a few days ago as yesterday was a pretty rough one and I didn't do a lot of photography.

Again, I've just got to thank those who've sent kind words or even donations. I didn't intend to solicit or anything yesterday, but more impromptu acts of kindness appeared in my inbox which brought up my spirits. I think I'm going to have to etch the initials of all of you into the bottom of my new camera or cam strap... something, so that I won't forget the kind hearts who've supported my work. xo

2006-06-23 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Noir]  [Toronto]  

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