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poolside with glen.
poolside with glen.

//shooting in and around a backyard pool. (Nikon 8800)

This was taken on set. I am crouched nearly under a picnic table.  I soon after found an ant crawling up my leg. DAH!

Camera update: Ah yes, for those following the now almost 2 month saga.  My new new camera has not arrived.  It was perfectly on time, but has been "Out for Delivery" 5 times this week now.  My street is partially closed for gas work and the signs read "Local Traffic Only" -- the CP truck driver does not appear to understand that that means you can get through if you have biz on the street!  UGH.  I called CP on Tuesday to inform them of the problem and ask if it can just be left at the post office for pickup.  They said they would try... it's now Friday, my last chance before another long weekend without it.  *sigh*


2006-06-30 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Portraits]  [Toronto]  [TV-Film Stills]  

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