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//facade along Ossington. (Canon 30D)

After work I met some friends at the bottom of Ossington for some Pho at Golden Turtle (amazing) and did some exploring around Argyle Ave.  This was one of many historic buildings in the area.  

Also tried some photos on my new Nokia 6682 that was given to me for blogging use, but didn't quite get any images I was happy enough with.  It's an pretty good camera, similar quality to only a couple other phones I've tried, except that wth a bigger 1.3MP resolution, you can actually do stuff with the shots besides show and delete. ;)   Hopefully I'll find the right niche for it, 'cause it IS quite convenient.  Stay tuned.   On a side note -- I thought the phone was going to make a good MP3 player too, but (as I learned today) the earbuds that work with it are absolutely awful.  The bud part of it is so chunky and thick (8mm block all the way around!) that they won't even fit in my ears.   Even if i do think I've got 'em holding on, they just POP right out if I swallow. lol. 

2006-07-15 // Categories: [Rust]  [The Streets]  [Toronto]  

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