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geryon's mark.
geryon's mark.

//taken along Queen's Quay this weekend. (Canon 30D)

I'm going to be planning another "Freestyle Photoshoot" in the coming weeks and it's going to be a good one -- guaranteed.  I'm just nailing down a date and location but I figured I'd mention it here in case anyone wants to brainstorm an idea or two.

1) All are invited. 
2) it's going to be OUTDOORS. 
3) There will be a backdrop stand from which you can hang anything you'd like to bring along (provided it isn't very heavy). 
4) Diverse outfits are encouraged. 
5) You MUST bring along something/anything that you will be photographed with.  I don't care if it's a thimble or a chainsaw, just bring it.

 More info soon.

NEWS: Sean & I will be doing another outdoor art show - The Parkdale Arts & Crafts festival -- next weekend (Sat. July 22nd).  Hope to see you there!

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