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at the Mars Diner.
at the Mars Diner.

//retro chrome and leather booths... must be heaven-- er, the Mars Diner. (Canon 30D)

The more I photograph with my new slr, the more I realize it isn't the camera that is going to take the pictures I want, but me.  The colour is great but doesn't impress me.  The captures are higher quality but with an unfinished quality about them.  I'm chasing light and memory now, not original image quality.  This photo, like yesterday's, was mediocre in its original state, but I had to know where I was going with it and follow through... again, I'm happy with the results.

I was also really happy with the hot turkey sandwich served open face with steamy gravy that was sitting in front of me as I leaned down and out of my booth to snap this one. Mmmm.

Update: For those wondering about digital darkroom work, I went B&W and then applied a traditional blue colour filter.

NEWS: Sean & I will be showing and selling our work in the Parkdale Arts & Crafts festival this weekend (Sat. July 22nd).  Hope to see you there!

2006-07-20 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Noir]  [Retro]  [Toronto]  

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