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lens deep in in the kitchen.
lens deep in in the kitchen.

//chefs whipping up hor d'oeuvres on opening night. (Canon 30D)

Worked a late gig last night for Glen & Vanessa at the opening of a restaurant in London, ON.  While little road trips with such good company are fun, it was a little insane.  This'll definitely be the only shot I process 'cause I need to sleeeep.  The aim was to take photos of the interior design, but we got there after the sun had set (+ the restaurant was really dimly lit for the evening) so I ended up giving Vanessa a primer on the topic of extreme low-light photography. 

My favourite part was the kitchen.  Don't know when I've ever been so happy to see bright flourescent lights. 

NEWS: As mentioned yesterday, I've got a date and location set for the upcoming Freestyle Photoshoot!  The event will take place Friday, August 18th, starting at around 5pm til and going until early Saturday.  Location is a downtown hotel (click here for an idea of the look of the set).  The theme is the "anonymous hotel", so please bring a prop, a costume, a friend, whatever... there's a bathroom (naturally) so you can change into your character if the need be. 
E-mail me or leave a comment if you're planning to come & I'll fill you in on details you'll need.

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