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Alicia Keys at AIDS 2006.
Alicia Keys at AIDS 2006.

//speaking to hundreds of grandmothers in the CBC Atrium. (Canon 30D)

Am doing some event coverage of AIDS 2006 this week.  I started yesterday, when hundreds of grandmothers/gogos from Canada and Africa joined together to march through the streets of downtown Toronto, raise awareness, raise funds, and sing like they've never sung before. Some very important figures were present, including Stephen Lewis, but more on the "grannies" and Lewis in future posts -- as I haven't had enough time to sort through all my images.

This is none other than singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, known for her work to further this cause, addressing the crowd.  It's oddly framed, but I like it that way.  I've posted another more humourous shot of her (with story/context) on Flickr... worth a look. For more on this event, here's the CBC report.

IN DOUBLECROSSED NEWS:  The upcoming Freestyle Photoshoot is set for Friday, August 18th, starting at around 5pm til and going until early Saturday.  Location is a downtown hotel (click here for an idea of the look of the set). 

The theme is the "anonymous hotel", and EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU is invited.  If you'd like to attend, please bring a prop, costume, friend, whatever...  Then, e-mail me or leave a comment & I'll fill you in on the details you'll need.

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