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a moment for a memory.
a moment for a memory.

//a grandmother remembers. (Canon 30D)

This moment was captured on Sunday at the "Grandmothers Gathering Grandmothers" event which opened up the International AIDS conference with much song and dance... but also reflection.  As mentioned on Monday, the event brought together grandmothers from Africa and Canada to raise awareness not only of their plight but of the 13 million or so children with AIDS.

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NEWS:  The upcoming Freestyle Photoshoot is set for Friday, August 18th, starting at around 5pm til and going until early Saturday.  Location is a downtown hotel (click here for an idea of the look of the set).  EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU is invited.  If you'd like to attend, e-mail me or leave a comment & I'll fill you in on the details you'll need.

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