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cne by night.
cne by night.

//The Inverter ride at the Canadian National Exhibition. (Canon 30D)

Went to the CNE yesterday, conscious of having seen so many images from the event this year and really wanting to do a series of shots that differed from what I'd already seen.  While there are some daylight shots I really want to share with you, this, one of the final shots of the night, is by far a surprise favourite.

The beauty of shooting long exposures of these rides is that as much as you can make guesses about which will translate best (based on lights, motion, colours), you really never know what you're going to get.  The Inverter was a total surprise.  It seems so clunky and ugly by day... then at night it draws these gorgeous spiral-graph patterns in the sky.

The rest of the CNE-by-night series is up on Flickr.

2006-09-05 // Categories: [Scenic]  [Toronto]  

the side curtain over the gamblers.cne by night.summer in the city, means...the lady sleeps tonight.