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good intentions.
good intentions.

//Busker in the heart of Yorkville, Toronto. (Nokia 6682)

With this half-lost image comes the end of my trial with the Nokia 6682.

I received the phone from Matchstick who were providing them to local bloggers to have, use, take photos with and blog with.  The guidelines were open, just use the phone and blog about your experience.  Well, I ended up posting an abstract once, but other than that, it hasn't been of enough quality to make it to this blog (or blogTO) again. 

I thought it would be awesome to have a handly little phone around for quick snaps and possibly even videos.  As it turned out, the 1.3 mp cam took mildly shoddy photos and those quick snaps usually turned out noisy and blurry and just kind... of... ugly.  In essence, it was as poor as my old cameraphone but with higher resolution. The video feature? No comment.

It's really too bad too, because I liked the phone's design, size and general feel.

So, then, as I retire the phone, give it away, and go back to my old handset, I thought this final photo would be fitting as, like the Nokia, intentions were good, but it just didn't get there.  This was taken in Yorkville and appears to be one of the best quality images I ever shot with the phone, BUT, when I tried to transfer it to my harddrive it somehow got corrupted and I lost half the image. 

End scene.  Exit stage left.

2006-09-09 // Categories: [The Streets]  [Toronto]  

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