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sailboat drive-in.
sailboat drive-in.

//double-exposed views of the Lake Ontario shores in Toronto. (Canon 30D)

Could have sworn I'd posted this one already, but according to the archive it completely slipped through the cracks... which is a shame, because I'm quite infatuated with it.  This is a Holga medium format photo, double exposed along a walk from the Sunnyside Beaches to the Spadina Quay.  It reminds me of a drive-in scene, but for sailors, of course.

NEWS:  Sean & I will once again be exhibiting in the Parkdale Arts & Crafts Festival -- and this time it looks like we may not get rained down on! Bonus!  Come visit us on Saturday afternoon at Queen St W & Cowan.  Lots of matted prints for sale this show as well as some framed gems. ;)

2006-09-13 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Noir]  [Scenic]  [Toronto]  [Vintage Film]  

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