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muse this.
muse this.

//Georgia hides from the camera... rarely. (Canon 30D)

The lack of city shots posted this week isn't from lack of inspiration but from lack of city.  I'm been working or meeting with people in or near my home all week long. Lack of excercise for my body has my mind taking up all the resources though and so I had Georgia (quite clearly the DoubleCrossed muse) over several times to try some portrait ideas on her.

From the shoots came some work I really love -- which I certainly want to share with you -- so over the next couple weeks I'll be scattering Georgia portraits amidst my daily observations... thought I'd warn you. ;)

NEWS:  Sean & I will once again be exhibiting in the Parkdale Arts & Crafts Festival -- and this time it looks like we may not get rained down on! Bonus!  Come visit us on Saturday afternoon at Queen St W & Cowan.  Lots of matted prints for sale this show as well as some framed gems. ;)

2006-09-15 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Noir]  [Portraits]  

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