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//crying at the opera. (Canon 30D)

Ok, maybe he was just tired.  If so, I can certainly relate.  Our marathon walking in this city has worn me down... but not stopped me.

What's come closer to stopping us is one ugly allergic reaction.  Hives now run up my arms and collarbone.  Itching like mad.  Got some french meds for allergic reactions and am supposed to take 1 a day for a week.  We'lll see what happens.  Steph is optimistic, I'm just irritable.  I've cut the toes off a pair of socks to make armbands to hide the spots. bah!

I've added a few onto flickr...

2006-10-14 // Category: [Travels]  

blue in paris.golden girl.tragedy.road work.many tongues.