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//bouncing wooden toy on a spring in a Montmartre toy shop window. (Canon 30d)

It took 2 tries to get this photo.. and when I got it, i squealed like a child in the middle of the busy sidewalk.  Steph laughed and I ignored the heads that turned... it was a feat!

The toy, in all its cuteness, was not an easy target.  The sun was going down, the glass had reflections, the inner display was lit by dim mini spotlights and the toy was attached to a long thin spring that made it bounce UP and DOWN very quickly while it spun around with each bounce. (Seriously.)

The only method that might catch it well was a swoosh/motion pan.... a technique in which you follow the action with your camera... and if you pan your camera at the exact same speed as the moving object, you can capture it in focus while the rest of the background appears in motion.  It's hard to get the speed right on. 

Alright, so now, picture me bouncing at the knees in front of a store window.... followed shortly by a squeal. 
This is why I had to share it.

2006-11-10 // Categories: [Objects]  [Travels]  

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