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round the bend...
round the bend...

//Gondolier going around a corner on the Grand Canal. (Canon 30d)

First off, this was taken digitally (yes) from a public boat we were travelling on.  Steph held my pants as a leaned waaaay over to avoid getting any obstructions in the frame. 

Now, as for the treatment: I was inspired - quite last minute - to try some texture along with the b&w image.  The idea is not a new one, but was rekindled on the trip by an article I was reading in Photo Life magazine.  Then a couple hours ago, I then came across THIS shot, and was completely inspired to get started. 

My plan was to use some water damaged paper for this image, but it was already a last minute venture, so I went with weathered wooden planks I had on hand.   They reminded me of Venetian docks anyhow....  I will save the paper idea for later.

More on Flickr (including this image, pre-texture).

2006-11-15 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Scenic]  [Travels]  

barber shop wonder.obeying traffic signals.round the bend...parking lot, venice.venetian view.