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Tuscan pines at sundown.
Tuscan pines at sundown.

//the romantic pine trees of Marina di Carrara... (Canon 30d)

The trees in Tuscany/Toscana just took my breath away.  Even a simple wood just had all the colours, curves and atmosphere of a delicate painting.  Here the pine trees don't look anything like our christmas-y tannenbaum but have long elegant trunks and needles clustered on top forming shade all over the land below.  Suffice to say, the parks are incredible and no one gets their soccer ball stuck in the branches.

In this image, we were leaving the home of a family friend no one even knew was alive.... the sun was setting and as usual i was kneeling on the back seat with my face and camera out the window.

Off Topic:  I've received a number of photo requests/orders this week! Thank you all for your support and congratulations on such a wonderful xmas gift idea! ;)   If anyone else is interested in purchasing a photo, big or small, there's still plenty of time to get one... just leave a comment or e-mail me.  I'm heading to the lab this weekend to print the first batch!

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