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rain and scale, in lucca.
rain and scale, in lucca.

//rainy day outside the historic centre in Lucca, Italy. (Canon 30d)

Worked on a few more Italy pics this past evening and when it came to this one, I knew I wanted to post it... but couldn't decide which version.  The landscape shot (click to see it on Flickr) is my favourite framing, but I'm posting this portrait version because I know most of you scroll to see tall photos and I thought it'd be a fun 'reveal' when you went from drab grey skies to the umbrellas.  Meh, it was a late night thought... it might all seem wrong in the morning.

For more, see the Tuscany gallery slowly forming on Flickr.

2006-11-25 // Categories: [Scenic]  [Travels]  

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