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a good book.
a good book.

//priest reading a/the good book. (Canon 30d)

Yes, it's december and I'm still showing you trip photos... but hey, this is our final stop: Rome.  

I stopped into a lot of different churches, just walking along the streets in the city centre, each more fascinating than the next... particularly because the exteriors seems so dirty and weathered from the traffic and madness outside yet when you entered everything just stopped in the face of architectural beauty and devotion.   Some notes on this image: 1) it has been salvaged from a very dark original. (It was a seriously dim place) and 2) It was made in the only church who's name I did not document. I know nothing more about this spot I stood in... just a slight memory of where it was located.

2006-12-08 // Categories: [Noir]  [Portraits]  [Travels]  

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