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the perfect gift.
the perfect gift.

//Yota, thrilled with how delightfully cheesy a gift Paul brought back from Disneyworld. (Canon 30d)

Just got home from another heartwarming annual Christmas party at Georgia's place.  The wine won't allow my eyes to stay open long enough for all the photos, but this one I just had to share.  It's an instant smile-maker.  Zzzzzzz.

In other news:  I've just been informed by the fabulous Gabriel Shanks that after several reader voting rounds, my photo "And So There Was Sky" is up for Photo of the Year on Modern Fabulousity.  Feel free to visit the website and vote for it!

Day 6 of the DoubleCrossed Holiday Sale... [ link ] Still time left get one of these (if you're in the greater Toronto area) before Christmas.

2006-12-23 // Category: [Portraits]  

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