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wii're fighters.
wii're fighters.

//Toronto bloggers dueling on Nintendo Wii. (Canon 30d)

Last night was Rannie's Hawaiian holiday luau.  By the time I arrived (in a yellow & blue Hawaiian jersey, no less) the place was packed with bloggers.  The main hub of activity was, of course, Rannie's Nintendo Wii.  

I'm certainly not a video game person (I've only ever owned a 1987 Gameboy, and i bought it this past year -- for Steph) but this new Wii system is definitely a great party game.  For hours (literally), people squared off, jumping and flailing they're arms around while the rest of us cheered and laughed til it hurt.  Good times.

Bloggers pictured:  #1) Joey Devilla (Accordion Guy) vs Andrea (FoxyMoron), #2) Irina (Still Memory) vs Steph (Gravitas), and #3) Sean ( vs Irina (in a moment of victory).

More photos on Flickr.

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