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dancin' on the tables.
dancin' on the tables.

//seen at Ajisen Ramen on Yonge (Canon 30d)

My new year's resolution: To learn to balance a bowl of steaming noodles on outstretched arms while standing on one foot, delivering a killer wink, and giggling... all while looking this darling.   Or, more practically, to just stop panicking over lost lens caps when I know damn well I always shove 'em in my left pant pocket.  Stay tuned for a review of Ajisen Ramen noodle house on blogTO this week.

N E W S :  According to readers of Modern Fabulousity, the title of Photo of the Year goes to "And So There Was Sky"!  Thanks all... I'm honoured.

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2007-01-01 // Categories: [Bizarre]  [Objects]  [Toronto]  

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