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spiritualism, revisited.
spiritualism, revisited.

//on College St near Bathurst. (Holga 120GN)

As you might expect, an all-nighter working on vintage photos for the book (release date, February 17th!) means that is just what I'll be posting about.  The subject of this light-leaked image is the same sign pictured in this photo.  They were taken a year or two apart.

In other news:  If philanthropy was included in your list of New Year's resolutions, here's an idea:  Buy a matted print and instead of having me ship it to you, request that I donate it to Picture The Cure -- a local fundraiser in support of cancer research.  The annual fundraiser is organized by photoblogger, Irina Souiki, who brings together photobloggers from all over the flickr universe to donate their prints in support of the cause.  Furthermore, I'll match your donation with one of my own.

And just to make it easy on you: TODAY is the last day of the DoubleCrossed Holiday Sale! Half price on matted and framed prints.  Coincidence?

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