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visions above me.
visions above me.

//ceiling of a beautiful and dark old roman church. (Canon 30d)

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's tripods.  I own 5. Well, 4.25 as some are currently sharing broken parts... and I hope to turn them into lamps or something similarly useful in my next home.  

I carry one with me every once in a while (as I did every day in Europe) but to catch me using it outside a studio is a truly rare thing... it just feels awkward and staged.  Furthermore, capturing a scene or moment well and calling attention to oneself do not exactly go hand in hand.  I'll admit, it's an odd stance for someone who loves to shoot in dark situations... 

Over the course of the entire European trip, the tripod did not see the light of day (or night, really) though it might have proved useful for this photo.  The key, in this very dimly lit case, was shooting dark and trusting my dark room abilities - whether digital or chemical.  ie. Worrying only about capturing it... things can always be fixed later. 

For the original version version, before some serious exposure, click here.

2007-01-11 // Category: [Travels]  

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