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gone fishin'
gone fishin'

//Stephanie, using stir sticks like tweezers/chopsticks to get to the 'bottom' of a problem. (Canon 30d)

Obviously, this photo comes with a story.  Every once in a while, if I'm frustrated (creatively or emotionally) and need a change of scenery, Steph and I head out to this 24hr Second Cup cafe.  It's one of the only places we can get to easily, in the middle of the night, that doesn't come with sketchy characters or blaring music.

On this evening, Steph is at the counter and I am over snagging the comfy chairs.  Steph proceeds to count her change as the barista places her hot chocolate right in front of the cash.  Odd placing, but, well, whatever.  Steph pays, receives change back from the barista and *bloop* something falls into the hot chocolate.  She is pretty sure a penny has fallen in... and pretty sure the barista and others in line saw it, but instead of saying something, she looks down, grabs the cup, and runs.

Had it been me, this would have been a perfect opportunity to awkwardly blurt out, "Doctor says I need to get more iron in my diet!"

But it's not me, so after hearing Steph try to explain what happened, I nonchelantly head over to get stir sticks.  Unfortunately, even a Chinese upbringing could not prepare her for these floppy 'chopsticks'. 

Much later (but before it had grown cold) she eventually retrieved the coin from the drink.  A dime...  fancy.

2007-01-15 // Categories: [Macro]  [Toronto]  

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