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once, at the stem diner.
once, at the stem diner.

//The Stem Restaurant / Diner in Toronto. (Canon 30d)

My darlin' was finished up with work early yesterday afternoon, so we took this very rare opportunity to head over to the Stem before they close at 5pm.  Got some good eats and even rendez-vous'd with one ms. Kathy so she could pick up her DoubleCrossed holiday sale prints.  For those still waiting, let's arrange something this weekend!

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If you're wondering about the processing of this image:  It was a high ISO photo, then given contrast boosts, extra grain and toning for that vintage colour magazine feel I love so much.  Too bad Circa is exclusively black & white photos.  (By the way, just under one month left until the book (Circa) is released!)

2007-01-17 // Categories: [Retro]  [Toronto]  

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