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three cent smile.
three cent smile.

//patio company. (Argus C3, "the brick")

Picked up the latest roll of experimental negs.  This is the first from a roll of 36 photos that has been sitting in an early Argus C3 camera since MAY 2006.  That is when I purchased "the Brick", but due to its weight (as you can imagine), I rarely carried it, and so, the roll lasted months.

I was never sure it really worked properly, though I'd bet a few dollars on it with the purchase.  Turns out it is in top shape.  To top it off, now I can relive summer just as winter has finally hit Toronto.   More to come as I scan/develop this week.

2007-01-20 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Portraits]  [Retro]  [Toronto]  [Vintage Film]  

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