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hustler and the six of clubs.
hustler and the six of clubs.

//on the streets of New York City. (Kodak DX3600)

It all started with finding a couple old colleagues on MySpace, then brought on again by an interview with a writer about my photoblogging, then an e-mail from another photoblogging friend...  All this week I've been thinking about my first blog.

Back in 2003 I spent a while living and interning in New York and while I was there I took endless photos on my first digital camera.  The 'photo journal' was updated manually with HTML code (not the convenient blog systems we now use) but never-the-less I managed to put up lots of new photos every day or so, sharing a life-changing experience with friends and colleagues back home.  It was that whole experience that led to becoming a photographer... and, clearly, a blogger.

While the resolution of the photos is not fantastic, I'll have to share a few more in the future.  And besides, resolution was/is never really the point anyhow. 

2007-01-27 // Categories: [Portraits]  [The Streets]  [Travels]  

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