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the voyeur squirrel.
the voyeur squirrel.

//curious squirrel on the Green Room hidden patio a few months ago. (Canon 30d)

Was at the Green Room cafe in the Annex a few hours ago and it was just what I needed: moody enough to be busy and busy enough to be warm.  Warm from all the body heat, certainly.  There was one young woman (tank a little full for the night) who I noticed walking around looking at and watching strangers around her. 

Reminded me of this scene, from a few months ago, where sitting indoors we noticed a squirrel was doing the same thing out on the patio.  The area, located between buildings, is a pretty busy spot, and this squirrel would come down every so often, park himself on that ledge, one arm hanging over the side while the other held up his head... just watching all the strange human behaviour down below.

Unrelated: The 2007 Photobloggies are accepting nominations.  Be a peach and nominate DoubleCrossed in a category or two. Gracias.

Lucky 13 days left until the Circa release party at Le Petit Dejeuner in Toronto.

2007-02-03 // Categories: [Bizarre]  [Toronto]  

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