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caught in the art deco crossfire.
caught in the art deco crossfire.

//The Bloor Cinema entrance on Bloor West. (Canon 30d)

A scene like so many before it, the Bloor after the last show lets out.  Will have to see about capturing these shadows in daylight one afternoon. (For the curious, we saw "Little Miss Sunshine".)

UNRELATED: To those who've submitted their name for yesterday's JPG Magazine giveaway: just a reminder that I'll be drawing a winner on Monday.  In the meanwhile, why not nominate for a few Photobloggies? ;)  I'm not saying it'll affect your changes, but karma does have its ways.

7 days left until the
Circa release party at Le Petit Dejeuner in Toronto.

2007-02-09 // Categories: [Retro]  [Toronto]  

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