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too late.
too late.

//Closed storefront on Queen Street West. (Canon 30d)

Was humming a song I'd written recently when I came across this scene last night.  I mention it, because the song kind of wraps up on a line of dialogue that says, "it's too late," and that's probably why the little sign in the window stood out to me so clearly.  

My aim, was to photograph one person or shadow walking away from the scene, but because of several invasive (and static) shadows (a tall parking meter, for example), it wasn't quite working.  Then, these two (and their shadows) crossed through the frame and the focus shifted... it became more about a an anonymous moment and connection missed.

UPDATE: Alternate version posted to Flickr.

6 days left until the
Circa release party at Le Petit Dejeuner in Toronto... and the first crate of books arrived yesterday afternoon!

2007-02-10 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Noir]  [The Streets]  [Toronto]  

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